Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Sakshi,
    Another year, another month, a week ,a day has passed by...The country is in turmoil over a zillion things, there is absolutely no safety or security for the growing generation, children are brutalized, slaughtered, women and children are sold, population dying of hunger, lack of basic amenities or sanitation, death trap roads and every possible scam or scandal one can conceive or perceive of...So where is the rainbow, where is the silver lining...There is still hope and that lies within each of us...We all are comfortable in our homes, with our lives...we discuss cinema, sports, gossips, scandals and daily news along with our daily dose of spice and tea. Life goes on for everybody , everywhere. If you so much as speak about all this you are termed as a crazed philosophy loving species...Ok , so we are all busy with our lives, relationships Children are brought up, competitions won, scholarships secured, laurels gained. Festivals are celebrated and religions are understood and learned. All of us caught in the web of life, unable to come out of it. The genuine energy infused lives have almost vanished. but you do come across some really beautiful people, amazing families, enterprising industries and evolving independent nations all having been built from scratch.
                         Each person, each of us are bogged down by our own worries, thoughts all enveloping our lives daily. We have learned to adjust, adapt and live through it all...:-) Of course we aren't humans for nothing, are we? So have you felt like going right up to the seashore, right when the sun is setting, to look upon the beautiful hues of the sky, as if it were blushing...A plethora of emotions flickering across the sky, the wind caressing you, your hair enveloping you in a loving embrace...Have you felt that lately..? Ok , how about watching a waterfall, the water tumbling down, spraying at you playfully, the white sheets of foam and water cascading down in tumultuous joy, telling you to celebrate life , the deafening sound and the silence within...close your eyes and you will hear it the silence ensconced within...whispering you to come forward, to feel the cool cool waters...Have you felt that? 
The sight of rows and rows of sunflowers around you, all around you, dancing away, smiling at you, looking at the sun, embracing your sorrows and letting it go astray, with the winds...the sunshine and the vibrant aroma of life around you...How about this? have you felt or seen this before..?
Have you ever sat looking at the stars, if you look closely you will see them coming together to celebrate, rejoice the love and life that we so miss to notice in our daily lives...You should sit quietly and you will hear the music of the leaves around you, the night sounds and the stars shining bright despite the moon shining even brighter. the occasional shooting star, the twinkle, the chirp of the night birds, a night that is awake with the sounds of life...
Have you ever gone to a beautiful village surrounded by paddy, vegetation, simplicity and lots of love...the butterflies there are really friendly, give your hand and beautiful butterflies pay you a visit, right on your fingers, looking at you with so much trust and love, knowing perfectly you wouldn't hurt it...Don't move look at it and it will perform this amazing lil' dance for you, that will make you laugh...it won't leave you hovering around you, guiding the way, telling you to look around and see the beauty, the pure innocence that still remains....It's then that you truly believe, that maybe hope exists, maybe we will see a better tomorrow, a rainbow, new beginnings...:-)