Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Sakshi,

Gosh!!! its been almost a week na? :-) was a but busy with! this past week gave me a lot of pleasant to meet some old school time buddies, after quite a long time. Its really amazing to see how all of them have changed over the years,felt sooo happy meeting them all. Life gives u such sweet moments and even if those happen by chance,it seems a blessing and such moments will always make u smile later on in life...:-) The next gr8 event coming up is our school re-union, if it happens as scheduled.It is not yet confirmed, but a lot of us are hoping we'll be able to meet each other and hang out like old times.Its been 6 years now since I met some of my dear friends.All of us have changed, our lives have changed, yet our school memories seem to be hanging on to us. Some of us are married, some of us mothers and some of us are expectant! We had such a gr8 time during our school years..:-)

Well...coming on to our lil' one....I had a fitful week, regarding my beauty sleep....yikes!!! I am usually very energetic during the day, but come sunset and I turn fidgety, uncomfortable and terribly sleepy...Now sleep is not the problem now, I practically fall off to sleep,but then end up waking up coz' its no longer comfy on the bed...:-( Those of u who have gone through this would know...:-) I am in my mid 7th month, and sleeping on my sides is tortuous and irritating. Right now I get up to change sides often during the night and a couple of trips to the loo completes the destructive process of my! I wake up bleary eyed in the mornings and by noon I have this terrible urge to visit the Land of nod...zzzzz...zzzz....:-) Voila! its evening again and mind you, just b'coz I took a snooze doesn't mean I won't feel sleepy for the night...nope! I end feeling just as sleepy and whoa!!! just an hour after I settle into my cosy bed,my bladder alarm goes off...whew!!! guyzzz....I just don't know what to do...:-) and then my mom says with a smile, " If it makes u feel any better dear, I too had to go through all of this once upon a time.Its ur turn now." Its then when it hits me that each and every mom in this world goes through so much to bring their angel into this world, and many a time we never realise that,until when we ourselves go through the same scenario, scene by scene. Well, that's also the beauty of motherhood...:-)