Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally my lil' angel and our cosy family :-)

Dear Sakshi,
   My baby poo is napping which gives me some time to pen down my thoughts....gosh missed writing in my blog sooo much...My lil' angel is 4 months now....and ya there are frustrating hair pulling days, but there are absolutely lovely ones as well....He smiles, laughs and says gaga and gu gu! just rolled over once or twice...he s more interested in sitting up and grabbing everything in sight...It gives me such joy to tap down my thoughts like this...Life is tough yet beautiful...:-) We have our good days and bad days...I am always filled with doubts and a hundred anxieties surfaces when he cries do I know what's wrong??? But I am finally coping with it....Vinuz also helps a loooot!!!! Dunno what I would have done without my wonderful better half...Ya! we have our rows...but at the end of it all we love to cuddle together with our baby unnikuttan and now we feel complete as a couple...Usually u say a couple means two na? but for us we the couple is complete only with our angel....

         We started taking him out in the stroller and he luvs it too.....ya well the first trip ended in a crying tsunami!!! whew!!! I was completely lost and I ended up crying as well...I know! sheesh! that's childish of me, but I feel ur baby brings out the child in u, as u begin to move with him....u too get excited over his toys and giggles....The first time he laughed out loud!! that was yesterday...I wanted to keep hearing it, I felt maybe I should record a thousand rainbows, or maybe like a thousand angels springing forth celebrating his happiness....It was a very emotional moment for both of us...:-) I luv my lil' angel and i guess luv at first sight for a mom is when u see ur hubby and baby together and u know u have been blessed!!! Gosh! enough for today....will write more soon...:-) this one is for my mom and dad as well, whose pains in bringing me up, I now realise and I hope I can do a gud job as well....Thank u God for every tiny drop of happiness and sorrow as well....coz otherwise u wouldn't realise the value of ur life and its people around u...take care all of uuu :-)