Thursday, January 28, 2010

A perfect way to wrap up my 8th month!!!!

Dear Sakshi,
    Aha! seeing the title,don't u get any ideas!!! A perfect way indeed to wrap up my 8th month...sigh! well I was being sarcastic....;-/ I am down with an irritating bout of sinus headache, something which was alien to me until quite recently.Whew!!! God Help!!!

Do I sound desperate?? Well...hmm..I didn't mean to sound like that, but hey my blog is all about my exact feelings per se, so here it is, all out in the open...:-) Those of u poor dears who have actually had to suffer from this dilemma would know what I mean, ahem...:-) But there is one thing for sure, I have suddenly realised the true worth of age old natural remedies. I have been through cold, cough and now sinus headaches, but not once did I have to depend on modern medicine. :-) Thanx to all those remdial natural medicines, which have given me immense relief, the recipes of which I will unfurl according to popular demand ;-) (to put in a pinch of drama or so to say) So folks rite now I have just stopped worrying about, my labour pain, baby naming issues, after labour sleep problems and what not...I am just gonna sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride and take each day as it comes, and when it does come to the labour pain....oh dear! I'll come to that later!!!!