Thursday, May 13, 2010

When ur life revolves around ur babyyy ;-)

Ten fingers,

Ten toes

He's laughter and teardrops

So small and brand new

And amazingly angelic

He is sent to bless you

He's one special Baby

The best of life's treasure

And will grant and bless you

Many hours of great pleasure.

-- Author Unknown

Dear Sakshi,
    I just loved this quote sooo much tht I cudn't help posting it...:-) Truly each day is an adventure for me and my angel....The latest achievement being that I finally have started bathing my lil' one, its as if ur not a complete mother unless u know how to bathe feed and clean ur baby....the initial vulnerability has passed anywasy....and the fact that i get time at all to write my blog is purely a miracle....I can see him slowly coming awake from his cat nap, lol! My life is like totally dependent on his schedule now...completely without an ounce of exaggeration....whew! I hardly realise the time flying by...everything is a huge blur except my unnikuttan....thts wht I call him at home....he has already got numerous nicknames....but for me he will always be my adorable sweethr8 nnikuttan....ook! I guess I'll be able to write more, he has settled down again off to the land of nod!.....So much has passed by and to think that a few months back this lil' fellow was in my tummy!!! :-) There are times when u feel completely wiped out but then one angelic smile can take away all that tiring moments out of ur life....He is waking up guyz so i'll pen more later....luv ya all!!!!