Monday, February 1, 2010

Dear Sakshi,
                Life is like an everflowing, undulating river, taking us along with it to destinies etched out for us. At times it seems favourable to us, at other times it seems suffocating yet when we put it all together, it seems it does have a meaningful picture ultimately.
:-) Ook enough philosophy already!!! You tend to become atleast slightly introspective, at times like this. I am sooo full of anticipation these days and I have become more spiritual as well. Do we all tend to feel consoled having faith in the Supreme being, at a time which is most important to us? Well I have immense relief from just the thought that God will take care of me and my lil' one. Faith is a strong medicine in itself, I believe :-) Not many may agree with me, but I speak with the benefit of the experiences I have gone through, which have moulded my faith strongly.
              I do listen to a lot of music. if only to soothe my nerves...:-) mostly ghazals and soft melodies...:-) Sometimes I am soo disturbed with a zillion confusions in my mind, at other times I feel sort of a complete harmony with myself... Its just a matter of days now, and really I can't wait to see my lil' one now...The feeling, I don't know what it is, but it is indeed a special feeling, but I am scared as well, well a teeny weeny bit!!! Now think about it!! How many of us take our dear mom and dad for granted, and when we are about to go through the same journey,u realise the huge responsibility looming in front of us and then we think, " How will we ever repay what our parents have gone through for us." And then we realise our love for our parents in a more special way. So today I thank God for giving me such great parents, who are the very reason I am here now and I just hope I will be half as good them to my kids...:-)