Monday, December 21, 2009


Dear Sakshi,

The latest news is that I am down with a drastic, irritating, frustrating cold....aargh!!!! Times like these are bestowed upon u by God to primarily test ur patience and conviction to not flip out....Oh dear!!! :-( well its not the cold that bothers me, its just that I can't take my usual medicines, coz u might hurt my angel...Hmmm well I just have to cope with it!!! Now when the lil' one comes I would have to take care of him disregarding any of my discomforts, no matter how worn out it makes me...well maybe this is how ur trained...I was just scared that I might catch the fever next.....but whew! that didn't happen...coz again a fever at this point of time would definitely hurt my babyyy :-) I really don't mind having to suffer, but I wouldn't want anything to hurt my angel, and that too b'coz of my health condition...I will complete my 7th month this 29th, and then just 2 months more....Gosh!!! these days I just get nervous thinking about the D day....I knw I knw!! everyone keeps telling me not to unnecessarily spook my brain...Ahem easier said than done...! :-/ Right now I just hope everything turns out just fine and I know it will, I have the blessings of all those who love me, which is very special...friends, family, ur beloved and even nature seems to shower their blessings on me...thank u all for being there for me...:-) Love ya!!! :-)