Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in a name...? Apparently a lot!

Dear Sakshi,
    Hope all of u out there are doing fine...:-) My latest update seems to be a totally unwanted dilemma....names, names and more names!!!! Yup I am totally confused about the name we might pick for our lil' angel...Hmmm I knw I have set up a poll right here...but I am getting mixed votes and that confuses me even more. There's hardly a month left and me and vinuz still haven't zeroed in on a name yet...:-) Well like Karen my dear friend told me, I'm not gonna stress myself out...whew!!! I have enough to think about already...Hmm but even then I wonder...Oh well! back to things I am familiar with right now, like lack of sleep, my angel's solid kick boxing and a lot more...The other day my gyn was like surprised my lil' one should be stretching out soo much in my tummy, guess he's running out of space! The moment my head hits the pillow he starts punching me like a bean bag!!! Well initially it was really enjoyable, but nowadays it has become more prominent and more insistent...I have a feeling he is going to be just like his dad and! Both of us equally, did drive our parents nuts...:-) Ahem! well let's wait and watch for now...Hmm just one month more guyz, pray foe me!!! and hope I come up with the perfect name within the next couple of days....