Monday, June 11, 2012


Dear Sakshi,
    The last time I took to writing my blog was a year back...I just can't believe I was away for so long...Its almost mid 2012 and I was just sitting back and thinking where the hell was I all this while...;-) of course me the busy momma has been busy as lil' angel has become a toddler and I am going through the "terrible two" phase...For those of u who don't understand the phrase, I would say ." Don't worry your time will come too..." and I would of course add..."buhaaaaahaa" to it, that's my evil laugh for those idiots who actually still feign innocence...seriously!!! Well of course I love my lil' rascal to tidbits and he just makes my life spin around like this amazing Alice in wonderland sort of adventure...There are times when I genuinely enjoy being a child with him, at other times i truly pull out my hair in complete frustration...It goes both ways actually...Its amazing how kids think these days and how they observe and study us, before planning their mode of attack!!! Lol! but its fun also...Gosh! how I missed u ma dear dear blog!!! Every day is unpredictable and life suddenly turns out to be all about,loud wake up calls, toddler tantrums,busy afternoons,frustrating and back breaking hours during their bubuuu fevers and peekaboo and bikey bike and twinky stars, and whew!!! I get tired typing them all...:-0 But oh the complete utter irreplaceable joy of it of course priceless. I am actually learning how to balance all of it and I have reached a phase where I am seriously thinking about career rejuvenation, which has been suffering a major setback all this while. Its like one fine morning I just woke up and said,"Whoa!!! this is it! I am ready to be a working mom!!!!" Now that's something,admitting all that, but then I have my doubts as well...I have decided to slightly shift my career focus and though its difficult treading new grounds, I am actually enjoying the welcome change those challenges bring me. You see, its indeed an important moment for the mom when she decides to get back to her career, since being a working mom means more nerve racking, hair pulling days ahead!!! Yes sir! its almost like ur back in the army...:-) But hey that's part of the game as well...I just hope I am blessed by the Fair Lady Luck!!! Putting my lil' guy in the playschool was also another such phenomenal decision and something me and ma hubby actually took some days to ponder over...It definitely was the next step in my son's life and he actually enjoyed the transition, but yes I went right to hell and back. Sheesh! it was sooo emotional for me, not that I sat down and cried!!! But I was continuously bogged down by the thoughts of whether the school was right, whether the timing was ok, about how ma son was gonna react to it...??? But hey it was not that bad...which reminds me to comment that the concept of toddler playschool has become the mantra of the season and each school is competing for the top slot, by putting forth everything and anything they can offer,from sophisticated classrooms and ambiance to international curriculum and high standards of health and safety...frankly I am impressed!!! But its a business too...But personally as long as they are taking care when it comes to the kids mental, physical and emotional growth and stability, they can treat it as much as a business as they want...Of course the face of education is changing...when it comes to the presentation of education, we have some very encouraging and promising areas, and at the same time we have some very dismal and sub standard areas as well. Lets hope the coming generation gets the best out of it all, and grow up to be responsible, sensitive human beings. As for my toddler going to playschool and me returning to my career, everything seems to be going in the right direction. So far so good people!!!  :-) the conflicts of the mind continues though...well then in that case..."shut up dear thoughts and let me be me and  live life like a bird, soaring high without any worries to ruffle ma feathers!!!"