Saturday, January 2, 2010


Dear Sakshi,

Wow!!! finally its 2010!!! not that last year wasn't special, but this year its gonna be an eventful year for me...:-) I am in my 8th month now and my lil' one has been kicking away! :-) 2009' wasn't a bad year when u think about it, in fact it was a year which gave me happiness and sorrow alternately, but the joyful moments were more credible, so much so that i don't wanna remember those moments when I did feel sad...:-) So awaiting my angel's arrival with lots of anticipation and excitement...:-) Here's hoping all of u out there have an equally memorable 2010 ahead!!!

I know I haven't been writing regularly in my blog, but hey! I can hardly sit for more than half hour without squirming and an aching back. So I hardly get online, and even if I do, I do so only to check my that's that folks!

2009 ended on a beautiful note with me getting to meet some of my dear friends whom I hadn't met since I left school. Going back to ur old school is simply a beautiful experience altogether...:-) It felt so reassuring to be back where once we did have loads of fun and cheer. But the only low point was that most of our angelites' couldn't make it. We always called ourselves that, having studied at the Holy Angels' Convent! our school, our Alma mater...It was a beautiful walk down memory lane. Just sitting there chatting up like old times, comparing our life's stories made me realise the value of a great childhood. Its really important and its equally responsible for shaping us as the individuals that we are now. I had a great time and loved every minute of it. Hope next year we will be able to do it in a much larger scale and that next time everyone would be able to make it...:-) Three cheers for all the angelites'!!! :-)

As for my lil' one, he is growing and my stomach has grown too, making it all the more difficult to lie on my sides now. But now that I just have 2 more months to go, I am getting a bit more nervous I must say. But the joy of feeling ur baby move much more strongly now, is equally wonderful. I am cherishing every moment of my life now. :-) Hoping for the very best in 2010 and praying for life's very best for my beloved and my lil' angel. :-)