Sunday, February 21, 2010

12 Dayz more....

Dear Sakshi,
     Imagine!!! just 12 dayz more and for all u know I am still tapping my fingers on my desk talking to my lil' one and waiting! :-) Sigh! Patience is a virtue isn't it? Well I am fast running out of stock of what little patience I already had...These days comfiness is a faraway dream, but anticipation is sky high....and u know something, these days I have started to form a wicked habit of suddenly ringing up my relatives and friends....whts wicked about it? :-)) ;-)  Well...most of the time they think I would have gone into labour and by giving them sudden calls I scare the living daylights out of them lol! Ok ok I knw thts not a nice thing to do, but ahem!!! I felt like a kiddo all over again, gosh! I was such a prankster as a baby and as a kid! ahem,my hubby still thinks I act like a 4 year old kid, at times ook? :-) Hmm...well what's the harm in feeling like a child all over again, have u ever felt that, haven't u for once wanted to throw away all the rigidity of adulthood and enjoy life as a kid would? Well its not always possible, coz' yes u have certain responsibilities, but hey! dnt ever lose that fun loving child in u...ever....its too precious and by the time u realise that, then its too late as well....Life is too complicated these days, everyone is soo busy and running around trying to make ends meet, make money of course! thts of prime importance nw isn't it? Well it should be, what with all the topsy turviness of the current economy. Yikes!!! I am talking like a lifestyle analyst, help!!!!
This is what happens when u have too much time to urself...:-) So my lil' one is gettin ready to face the big bad world outside and hmm...well I wnt be too negative regarding how bad the world is...:-) I am sooo excited , nervous, tired, frustrated and what not!!! Its like I myself am an emotional kaleidoscope, whew!!! Well folks if I dnt go into labour in the next few days I might come back with more of my thoughts, otherwise adios! and yes I will keep all of u updated on how my D day was...Until then take care guyz, luv u all my dear friends and ya pray for me!!! :-)