Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goin nuts, preggy mood swings and more.....

Dear Sakshi,

     The best part about being preggy is that ur pampered a looot!!! ;-) Really! That is the fun part, and ya u kinda feel really bad when u are not able to go out and do things u would have usually done otherwise. But one thing I really found nice was the number of people who actually took the effort to come and visit me. In our culture a woman carrying a child is given a lot of respect and love, and is totally pampered by her better half and her family and friends...Lol! But once the lil' one arrives then he is the star of the entire family!!!! The fact that after about 5 to 6 weeks I'll be finally able to see my angel is actually what keeps me going, despite all the variety of discomforts. U know the biggest problem is that half the time u are not sure about the varied pains and aches that attack u and sometimes it sends u into a chasm of panice and fear....but then u finally realise the fact that the said pain was just due to gastric issues...whew!!! u almost sigh with relief...Hmm I wonder if I'll be able to tolerate the pain...that's what I am thinking about these days really...Gosh!!! it is scary, but most of my recent mommy frndz vouch that yes! its gonna hurt a hell lot but it is manageable....Suddenly they all have become matured and experienced and I kinda feel like a kid myself...So many emotions flicker through my mind these days, and I am having a whole lot of dreamz as well...of water, me swimming, crossing roads frantically ( God knows for what!!!) lol! and a whole lot of crazy stuff...:-) Plus these days I do get a tad snappy with my folks...maybe its the wicked hormones!!! The best part is that no matter how grouchy, irritable or totally annoying u get, u can always blame it on the hormones and preggy mood swings...I knw its wicked...but it is during those times I feel as if I am a kid of 4 seriously!!! Maybe it is due to the preggy mood times I feel really happy and at other times I kinda feel glum...Hmmm anyways I have started counting the days, hours and minutes and hope all of ur prayers are with me. And yes!!! I promise!!! No More Preggy Mood Swings....:-)