Thursday, January 7, 2010

To all the insomniacs in this world!!!

Dear Sakshi,

Yawn!!!! zzzz!!! and a couple of yawns later, I am still sleepy!!! whew! my heart goes out to all those who suffer from insomnia, seriously...or maybe insomniacs are probably more tolerant of their sleep issues...:-) But yes! my dear friends, I am positive and do remember to smile...:-) gosh! I am yawning as I write this, serves me right! for under estimating the value of good sleep. Like I said before, probably this is how u are trained for motherhood and for the endless sleepless nights ahead. Now I was just wondering....hmm....can it get any worse? And to that question all my experienced mommy friends,shake their heads and say," U would be a fool to think it wouldn't get any worse." Sigh!

But hey c'mon there is another side to all of this though. The moment u see ur angel smile at u, all ur tiredness, anger and frustration just melts away!!! :-) and this statement is also from the same new mommies!!! That is exactly what makes motherhood beautiful, and I don't think any mom out there would regret the time they have spend with their lil' ones. Years later when u look back at ur life, it is these moments that form the varied pages of ur life's autograph book.

Well back to the world of insomnia, the past week has been soooo tiring, yawn! sorry couldn't help that one! :-) A couple of weeks more and then comes the day I see my baby..Am I excited? YESSS!!! but equally scared as well!!! Well wouldn't u be? Hmmm emotions just seem to ebb freely now, maybe that's part of ur mental make up during ur preggy phase. Now, its not that I don't feel sleepy, its just that I can't seem to utilise that beauty sleep of mine. In that aspect I am different from the insomniacs.And I never for once thought that lack of sleep could intimidate ur life like this. Help!!! Oh well I knw I knw, its not easy, its never gonna be, and I am gonna face all of this with a smile on my face and joy in my heart, even if that smile is broken by a tired yawn!!! So this one is dedicated to all the insomniacs in the world...hope all of u get to sleep soon...:-)