Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear Sakshi,
        A year has flown by and it was one hell of a year indeed...So much have have passed by, events, memories, people, success, disappointments, friendships, family, pain, love, loss all of it. In fact I think every year we all have our share of ups and downs, but if you notice and look closely, you will see that each year has a distinct pattern to it. The ups and downs, the joy and euphoria, the depression and anger have all ruled the roost this year as well and peace and calm being rare visitors as well...I have had some amazing experiences this past year, both gifting me happiness as well as sorrow. Some rare insights into my own life, about what actually I should become, what I need to focus on in the coming year, whom to be friends with, whom to break off ties with...I met so many new faces this year, some pleasantly surprising me with their goodness, some who chose to make no impact and others who once were good friends...I had to take a walk down memory lane many a time, but that was a learning experience too. The strangest thing is that over the course of years the people we meet and mingle with may change in terms of their priority in our lives, Each encounter with a new person is definitely for a reason I believe, once in a while God gives us this opportunity in our lives to reconsider certain aspects, to see life in a new light, to revamp and rejuvenate ourselves. Such encounters with people, be it a friend or a foe is engineered by Him so that we are helped along our way to choose correctly in our lives. For all those who don't believe such an energy exists will move on absorbing life as it is, the usual the mundane...At the close of this year I want to think about all those people good and bad who have made an effort to be in my life...Its my thank you to each and every one of you. Professionally and personally it has been a rewarding year. Most importantly I have learned to respect and love myself more, I mean you really really need to do that in life. I have understood certain things can't be changed and that its OK to let them be. :-) Also that you never need to feel guilty about living the life the way you want and also to be mature enough to accept and understand your mistakes. Yes..I raved and screamed, lost my temper at all those who chose to shake up my convictions, bu then I realized that they were right!!! Ultimately they were right all along...It does make you feel like a fool, but that's ok too. Its about finding your way out of the jungle that life is, its about accepting that maybe you need to change, to be bolder , to stand up for yourself. I am blessed I have people in my life who rather than pampering me , believe that I need to be woken up from my thoughts once in a while so that I realize that its time, finally!!! Yes you all have made me cry, made me felt worthless, but then I thought why did you all even bother, if you didn't care. So what did I do? I went back all the way back to those bristling words, criticisms, reprimands, words of kind advice as well...a whole room full of them...Ouch! It was difficult , it wasn't easy but it eventually became easier...It was like walking amongst so many words and emotions all so full of love and care, I actually felt pampered. I sat down in the middle of that room and looked around, the faces, the smiles, the tears , the anger and the laughter all floating around me. In all of that I saw myself too mirrored in was magical. I felt I had journeyed into the heart of my soul, where all of you reside...:-) The exhilaration was inexplicable...I felt alive after a looong time...:-) It was at that moment I really believed in the quote , that each person comes into your life for a reason, accept that and move on, and you will see that life becomes this beautiful poem that though imperfect in its style, definitely portrays the most perfect aspect of life as a whole.
                                  This year has been great in terms of new life enriching experiences and hope the year ahead helps me keep up to my aspirations as well as make those who genuinely care proud of me. Sometimes you believe you are destined for something , but sometime along the way you realize that the dream you first saw as a child, probably was the one that actually did matter, which was what was meant to be. Hope the coming year is a blessed one for all those amazing people in my life, coz' without them I wonder if I could have traveled so much ahead in life. It is with a sense of purpose and renewed vigor that I move ahead and having the strength of such good souls, I am convinced I can, I will and I shall....:-) Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014 ringing in new found joy and ringing out all the negativity in your lives. God Bless!!!

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