Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Sakshi,
                  There are times in life when you really doubt yourself, your abilities, your journey and route in life...Its OK to falter, might be actually better than trying to remain strong for too long and finally breaking down. We are all humans, after all, just humans. Either we give too much importance to ourselves or to things that happen around us...:-) I do too, quite unnecessarily breaking my head over it, as my friends would put it...Of course friends...aren't they the best possible support groups we all have ever had :-). Even if its one friends that you have, as long as you have genuine friendship , a lot of our insecurities , vulnerabilities all cease to exist...From day one I guess all of us are judged , as infants, toddlers, children, teens, never ends. We are judged by anyone and everyone. You can't blame all of them, some do that out of sheer habit, others out of their love and care , yet others spitefully. Some things don't change, irrespective of caste, creed or nationality, people will exhibit the usual psychological attitudes, behavior and react forthwith...We adjust, try to get better, or tone down , try to aim high, be successful, overcome odds in life and end up a tired distraught human being by the end of your life...Self pity is definitely not the antidote to any such issues in life...We struggle with our identity crisis, our depressions, our worries for the future, our finances, education, family stability...What the hell!!! So...then...its OK, cry once in a while, openly freely...Don't bother about who's looking , just cry, let it all out. confide in a friend, pray with all your heart, take a break, listen to some good music, go shopping...:-) But just don't sleep it out...ever...Just don't let it swallow you...You would be surprised  at the response your whole system gives you. Too much of being a strong, immovable, cold person can do harm, a lot of harm. Don't be bothered about people think, you like the idea, you believe in it, you are not hurting anyone in the process...go ahead!!! of course, just don't wait around for people to show you the green flag..Trust me...a lot of people out there don't like you or they pretend to like you, and they really don't why should you...:-) I know quite a lot of people who govern their life's decision on the basis of what their neighbors would perceive...Think about that!!! How futile is that? Everyone have their own problems, the whole works...Some are fighting cancer, others HIV, yet others are dying, some are starving, others are abused, and the world goes on. So the next time you are depressed, feeling vulnerable , alone, and just stark mad...its OK ...its normal folks...let the feeling creep in...but don't let it stay...:-) Live your own life, don't let others govern it, you can always take suggestions, advice from people older than you, coz' yes you are yet to walk their paths. But just don't overdo it. Its difficult to understand who is sincere or is just faking it...At your workplace, at school/college, at your hangouts...everywhere there are bound to be people who pretend..Its good to be strong , but once in a while its good to let go of your feelings, clean the slate, pack up all the positive vibes and off you start your journey of life, all rejuvenated and refreshed to face the world....
"As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner." - RUMI