Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Who is a terrorist
This is a frequently asked question in the world. Terrorists are of several kinds, onething for sure they are not born but made by certain parts of the society.

These are a group of people work in different parts of the world to materialise their goals using all means under the sun. They usually target the poor, brainwash them and make them do henious crimes again and again for money. One of their strong weapon is relegion.

The atrocities of the official bodies also lead to terrorism or extremism. Politicians, government officials, policemen and sometimes irresponsible soldiers pave the way for terrorism by their exploitation. Some people respond in a more aggressive manner as they sometimes break law. Naxals are a result of the suppression of the upper class. The poor labours and pesants are being exploited to the utmost.

Words of fire
In India terrorism can only be controlled if the complete system goes a seachange. Govt. departments should be made clean (I think its not possible at the moment). Politicians should act according to law and never let anybody break the law. Is it possible?