Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Sakshi,

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that I am going to be a mother....knowing its a huge responsibility probably scares me a bit, but then I remember my mom saying that she was scared to even hold her baby,who was soo tiny and fragile...and she always used to fret about whether I had enough to eat, or why I cry at times.....that is soo true isn't it..? We as adults at times do wish to be a child! but for a baby, he is so vulnerable and helpless in his early years...I keep asking my mom, how do u know if ur baby is sick and what is bothering him, I am always full of doubts...worried whether I'll be as good a mother as my mom. My mom then tells me that a mother always knows....its called a mother's instinct and told me to go by it always...a mother always know when her baby needs something, or when he is in trouble, or when he feels sleepy or irritable...Such is the bond between a mother and her child....and that is why no matter how old u become or how sick u are, the consolation a mother can give u is irreplacable...U can never find a substitute for ur mother, can you...? :-)

Nowadays I can feel when my lil' one wakes up, when he moves around the most,when he is calm....It is a very special feeling guyz...I will never be able to explain it in so many words...ever.....At times its as if my baby knows how I feel, sometimes when he kicks me like a boxer! :-) I try to soothe him down simply by placing my hand on my belly, or by singing a tune....It works wonders!!!! u know? :-) Sometimes when I feel depressed or overly tired, his soft kicks are enough to lift my spirits...and when I touch my belly and feel his lil' legs pushing against me, I feel so warm and special, feel so loved...:-)

Being so far away from ur beloved hubby, u feel as if this lil' life connects u to him...We chat online and use the webcam as times he whistles for the lil' one and believe it or not, he gives a tremendous kick then, to let me know that he knows his dad is whistling...He is most responsive to music and then to Vinu's whistling...:-) I can't wait for that big moment when I will finally hold my bundle of joy in my arms, close to my heart and close to my dear hubby...:-) Thank u God for this wonderful gift u have bestowed upon me and my family....I realise that its God's love in me and therfore it is up to me to take care of that love in me forever....:-)

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