Thursday, November 26, 2009

My dear friends.....

Dear Sakshi,

The past 2 days had been unusually tiring, but not too bad....These days I have such funny!!! yesterday I dreamt that I forgot to change my baby's diapers, and he was crying totally out of control!!!...and then I dreamt I had twins!!! Gosh ! the dreams I have...impossible...:-)

The other day I talked to my dear friend from school, it had been soo long since I talked with her,my dearest friend Reshu...Friends from school have stayed with my life throughout....sure we are all scattered here and there,in India and abroad...but we have stayed close in each other's memories...The bond of friendship we hold is very special to all of us...:-) be it through orkut, or facebook, or just mails....Most of us are married, some have already moved on to motherhood, and some are still paving success in their careers, waiting for that right person to come along. How our lives have changed....yet our friendship remain the same...and that is the most special treasure in our lives...:-) Most of my friends loved my blog and were really encouraging, thank u guyz....all of u...:-) I will complete my 6th month this 29th, and move on to my third trimester...around 3 1/2 months more for the big day...:-) I hope all of u will pray for me and my lil' angel...and today I dedicate this post to all my dear dear friends, every single one of them, who have made my life special in a lot of ways...:-)

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