Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleep,sleep, where art thou?

Dear Sakshi,

Sleep has become like a faraway land hard to find and once found easy to lose...:-) but I am slowly getting used to it all...Initially I didnt have a sleep problem, but recently I am finding it hard to find a comfy position in bed...So many changes in ur body, mostly ones that surprise u...Imagine a whole new life sprouting in u, forming shape and beginning a life cycle that is entwined with ours for eternity...well kids, when they grow up are not gonna feel such depth to their journey, except when they themselves become parents....I am feeling that depth now, of love and harmony and most of all a new more important responsibility. The first time I felt my baby's shove or kick...it was the most amazing feeling a mother could ever have....And now I have begun to understand when my baby kicks most, when he is calm inside my womb,when he responds to me singing to him, ( i am guessing its a boy)....;-) and so on....I sing to the lil' one nowadays and can feel that he understands my voice....and then I soo want to see him, feel him and carry him in my arms....but for that I have to wait for yet another 104 dayz....:-) Till then I'll have to be satisfied with his antics inside me....:-) Hope God bless every woman with the joy of motherhood, and every mother who has tended to her young,which to me seems to be the ultimate gift of God...:-)

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