Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Sakshi,
Today seems to be a dull day, the sky overcast with shadows of impending thunder and rain....Sooo where were we...yes of course! :-) after the initial happiness, came the nausea,tiredness and what not...I was like completely thrown off!!! whew!!! the first 3 months were really difficult...and then came a moment when all seemed to be lost....followed by complete bed rest, confined within myself. to protect my lil' one....The whole experience was pure torture, but then when it is for ur lil' one , I guess u tend to overlook all those discomforts....It wasn't easy though...4 months of nerve breaking rest...Now that was exactly when I realised how horrible it was to be confined to the bed...U know u always seem to want to take a break, some well deserved rest, but even that can suffocate you....:-) Finally brighter days did emerge...But this period as every other phase in life taught me an important lesson! To appreciate life as u have it, u never realise how precious every minute of our life and the people in it are to us...Vinu my dear dear hubby was a pillar of support, doing every possible thing to help me through, supporting me taking care of me, as if I were a baby!!!

It was trying for him also, what with his professional demands and family demands, he was literally torn apart...When my mom came down, it was a huge relief...the main highlight being her cooking!!!! Gosh how completely selfish of me na? But hey c'mon who doesn't love their mom's cooking...:-) It was during that time I realised that despite having all the years of experience my mom was completely tensed about me...:-) But Vinu....yes it is true that it is life's circumstances that draw u closer to ur loved one, I was beginning to see my husband in a completely new light, and then I felt special to be carrying his baby, his life in me....which has strengthened our bond even more, binding it with love, commitment and understanding....I dedicate this moment to my better half...:-)

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