Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friends who are family

Dear Sakshi,

Nov 29th 09' will always remain special in my heart...Many a time we have such warm, special moments in our lives and it is when we add them up, our life seems to have a glow in itself...Last Sunday, a couple of our music buddies met up for a get-together after quite a long time. I remember we were all in school back then and part of a group called Navarathna, a music group. We used to perform classical indian music extensively...but then when we all grew up, each of us became busy with our studies, our future and what not. Though the group was not officially dismantled, we all just hung in there, by then all our families had become really close and our friendship too hung in there...lol!!! :-)

This sunday after a very long time we were able to come together, and believe it or not, all of us had changed...most of them were in college now, some working, others married and moi' was preggy...:-) We were all soo happy to see each other,simply ecstatic and I for one enjoyed every minute of it, though later on I had to pay dearly for it. :-) I was so washed out that I stayed awake most of the night..as a result!!! the next day was equally tiresome...But that's ok it was worth it all...:-) My friends were excited to see my tummy which had grown to humungous proportions and I was telling my lil' one, see how many aunts and uncles are waiting for u to come... and there came his answering kicks...Its as if he understands every single word I say...I was telling that the other day to my hubby and he was like, most babies are receptive to all languages and it is after the 1st 2 weeks that they fall into the rhythm of one particular language...fascinating isn't it? My 26th week has started and I was checking with www.babycenter.com my favourite site, for details. The site has been really helpful for me, and there seems to be so much to learn and understand... Its as if motherhood is a university in itself. Well our mothers never had such an opportunity to learn and fathom...but weren't they excellent moms!!! :-) Well this week my baby's hearing will continue to develop, and he will be able to understand all the bubbly chatter around...:-) Well today, this moment is dedicated to all those lovely friends of Navarathna, and I hope no matter how many years pass on,we'll still be able to meet up once in a while...to remember all those wonderful times we have had as a group, as a family...:-)

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