Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Scribbling!!!

Dear Sakshi,
      When ur emotionally drained what do u usually do...well...they say to channel ur energy towards positive realms and charge ur low! but it works ok? I know of people who go into a scribbling frenzy just when they feel challenged or when they are in the deepest of melancholy moods...:-) not that i feel the same way...i knw when i wanna write, my fingers literally fly over the keyboard and it doesn't stop unless the flow of thoughts stop....I don't knw if that's the way ur supposed to feel. Another thing I noticed were my spelling mistakes...sorry guys, usually I don't get the time to recheck what I have written. Mostly its a wild chase to pen down my thoughts as fast as possible before the little one wakes up...These days I have to do everything quickly, be it cooking, cleaning or even (sigh!) going to the! Seriously!!! coz every nano second matters....right now i keep making trips to his bedroom to see if he is waking up or not...:-))) so blogging is usually last on my list, and if at all I do blog, then I have  to do it fast and no reviews are allowed. The only major plus point being that my typing speed has increased!!!
      I am on a dieting spree which tastefully allows space for my lil' treats as well....But I am gradually on the road to better dress sizes! Immediately after ur delivery, there is this irresistable urge to look good,which usually doesn't happen since u are probably looking like a deflated baloon! Sigh! But a word of advice to my friends who are on the road to motherhood...Don't worry,it will pass...but always concentrate on ur face!!! Don't look sloppy and try as much to look fresh and neat and with a smile on ur face....I knw I knw, even with ur under eye dark circles and mood swings and all u can still feel good, if ur presentable and look good to urself in the mirror, hmmm and maybe a new haido will also give u the instant feel good hormones!!!...There are gonna be a zillion comments thrown at u, oh boy!!! its just amazing how totally insensitive and stupid people can be during thost post preggy times...whew!!! Ur gonna feel the same way, trust me! Initially it was really irritating for me, but then I realised, what the hell, if I feel beautiful then well and good...soon the yapping tongues faltered...:-) So this time Sakshi I dedicate this to  positive thinking, which I terribly lack! So in order to boost positive thinking, I write about positive thinking! ;-) By the way, quite a bit of my friends are nearing their due date....All the best gurlz!!! and I'll be praying for all of u...and remember no matter how much the pain focus on the moment u'll be seeing ur lil' one!!!! So adios until next time, keep smiling folks!!! Time for me to have my London Diary Lite Vanilla Icecream ;-) sigh! God bless the one who created icecreams!!! :-)

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