Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first moment of pure bliss!

Dear Sakshi,
       Unnikuttan is taking his beauty sleep time for me to enter into my small world of thoughts....I have never shared with u guys the very first moments of my motherhood....something i wanted to delve into only when i had the time for it...i mean those were life's most amazing moments despite the pain and all!!! YESSS! The pain was mightmarish, but i still remember the words of my gyn, the anaesthesiologist and the nurses....I was blessed with a gr8 gyn team!!! I remember kicking one of the doctors, lol!!! It was complete mayhem...I went from normal to c-section in a matter of hours!!! I was aware of everything as a blur, but the moment the doc pulled my baby out and said its a boy!!! is the clearest most sharpest moment of my life!!! I obviously cudn't see beyond a green sheet....(not tht i wanted to!) :-) All I was straining for was to hear his cries...coz u know u hear all sorts of labour jists...and everyone talks about the first cry....I remember reading about labour from the point of view of the babyyy...have we ever thought about tht??? Its always our pain, and discomforts....but the baby once it comes out has this major struggle for his first breath...its almost like drowning and being saved at the last min...yes i remember was in reader's digest!!! Since then i was always curious about the baby's first ever cry....the first time he fights with life ever...I cudn't hear it at first,a sharp panic touched my heart, soon after which i heard the doc giving one tight slap! ouch! Hmmm the first slap he gets!!! and yes ths angry young screaming lil' guy was lifted out and shown to me...I saw him! my angel!!! only he wasn't too happy...I could almost hear him say,"What the hell mama!!! I was taking a nap n a comfy corner and just then u had to pull me out! Mothers!!! and Gyns!!! Hmph!" Lol! :-D And then just when i was trying to figure out his tiny tiny eyes and nose...Blackout! Sheesh!!! U know u hardly get seconds to see ur lil one as a whole in a c section...i mean with a bit of consicousness that is....u need to wait quite some time  before u can see him again....Whew!!! I then wondered about my gyn...she has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies...and each time its a heartening experience...they have the same twinkle in their eye, the satisfaction, and yes though they are tired and do the same drill a zillion times...they don't forget to smile at u....and say,"Conrats its a boy" :-) or girl....:-))
          But then the pain came...oh wow!!! it was one hell of a pain...all my c section friends wud understand what i mean....I was wheeled out hours later...and i remember looking skeptically at my nurse when she said I should be up and walking the next day!!! I was like yup ur kidding!!! :-D What would we have done without such good docs and nurses!!!! So this one I dedicate to the entire team at the Credence Hospital and my gyn Dr Santhamma Mathew...We always talk about our experiences, but I was wondering about how helpless these lil angels are...for them each and every day would have been trying and frustrating for them...Its never possible to fully understand an infant until they start talking, but as a mother u can always sense to a certain accurate extent what they would want....It was sooo tough initially....but then today when he managed to pull himself up on to the sofs by himself.....and gave me a joyful giggle....i knw it means a lot for him!!!! :-)

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Anita said...

wow thangu i feel like laughing & dear child i'm waiting 4 more....