Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hellooo 2011!

Dear Sakshi,
   Gosh I can't believe tht my last post was on july!!! Sorry guyss was terribly busy! Am back in Doha nw and can u imagine??? my lil' angel is gonna turn a year old this March 5th!!! And last year I was writing about his kicks and stunts in my tummy...lol! Well he is doing all that and more now! He crawls pretty fast now, and is trying to walk!!!! His each milestone was met with surprise and pure joy! No matter how irritated or depressed I become,one lil' mischeivious grin of his, can wipe away all my woes if any! I am able to concentrate more on my music and dance nw...yess its very difficult to manage everything, its like walking on the pole in a circus! Whew! But there is a joy within, a feeling of goodness, of being part of a family and of having someone to call ur own to fight with, to cry and laugh with, to yell and scream in frustration and then to feel completely stupid about it....yesss my poor hubby had to bear with all of it! But when I think about it I realise that that's what makes life complete....vinuz had had to bear the brunt of my moods... :-) but he had  always been there as a strong support! Its heartening to see father and son play and fight with each other....they share a special bond and I just like to sit back and watch the scene unfold.... My lil'guy is growing and i can't still grasp the reality of it all!!! Luv the two most amazing men in my life!!!!

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