Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear Sakshi,

Yesterday night it rained heavily here, and the climate has turned really cool and comfy now...:-) Slept comparatively better yesterday, but during the day I had a bad bout of low pressure, was feeling really tired and dizzy...Maybe its because I have started my 7th month...Each time a new phase starts, I can feel my body screaming in protest, trying to adjust to it....after a week or so, it gets better and finally I fall into the rhythm....:-) Today I feel much better, so thought I would pen down some of my thoughts...:-) They say u are not to plan anything in advance for ur baby, coz' in our culture it is seen as a bad omen...I really don't knw why it is said so...but we all go with the general flow...But I keep having dreams about diapering and bathing my lil' one...hmm...mostly i don't get to see his face, just a haze...:-) and usually i end up messing it all up...yikes!!! that is when I wake up and I am like whew! its just a! :-)

I listen to a lot of music these days, not just Indian but Western as well....Right now I am listening to to a collection of saxophone melodies titled SAX MOODS....Its a compilation of various artistes like Sondheim, Albert, Presley,G.Weiss and so on...Its my dad actually who is passionate about instrumental music...Saxophone and violins basically, whereas I love the flute as well...:-) Some of my dear friends sent me a variety of music through e-mail and facebook...:-) So my lil' one is getting to hear some fine music these days..:-) Whatever the baby hears now, has a great impact on him later on. I remember my mom telling me that she used to read and read while she was carrying me, and that's probably why I ended up being passionate about English literature...:-) We have a huge collection of books from all time classics to fiction to thrillers to Harry Potter...:-) a sort of mini library...:-) Just looking at them lifts your spirits.I don't know how many of u feel the same way, but a good book with a cup of coffee and some light saxo music in the background is the perfect recipe for relaxation for me...:-)

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