Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Sakshi,
    After a hiatus of almost seven months am back!!! And it's indeed a fine morning out here, hot and humid with unbearable temperatures, yet tolerable in some way. Life had taken quite a few unexpected turns ,but hey isn't that what life is all about...:-) My lil guy turned three last month and whoa what a funky three that is...lol! And I was thinking maybe once you pass the terrible twos ur safe...nope not at all..the saga of unbridled naughtiness, and complete madness continues. But gosh, how time has flown. Hardly get time these days for anything and I was really really missing penning my thoughts. Started working again and having a couple of things , u can call them pipeline projects waiting for their turn,so it's all back to doing what I love the most. Life never actually brings you what you think you need, it's always something else. But you know what there are people out there, for whom life turns out the way they expect!!! Lucky for them!!! Not even a simple journey turns out the way I want! Ya ! You can say that I don't have many boring moments in life....Maybe it's better this way..life has its way of casting shadows and rainbows , and you learn to accept them both...People hardly seem to understand your predicament. most idiots prefer to walk about with an attitude of having known you all along,or as if they couldn't be better judges of your life. When people start commenting on your life, don't we all get pissed off, except for saints....Well to all those feigning budhas out there , kindly understand that most of them time we do things we do because,we pretty much have a damn good reason for them. Oh but every other person is so busy with your life, to notice this. Sigh! Whom am I trying to convince anyways. It's the cliche story with every other person...Ta da! No miracles in sighting! The world is so choked up with all sorts of weirdos, freaks, jerks and perverts, that at times you wonder how you are gonna raise your child amidst all this.? But again, not everyone can be that bad can they,? Not everyone can be that cruel or inhumane or a jerk even? Gosh there has to be a silver lining out there and it's called hope allied with faith, and that's what's gonna keep us rooted to this earth, that which will take us forward in life...

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